Contact the caring professionals at DCCI and take comfort in the knowledge that you’ll have a team of experts on your side with over two decades of experience working with Medi-Cal, Social Security and the developmentally disabled. We care.

Once a client or loved one becomes a client of DCCI, we seek to help them maximize their health and independence through a customized plan of care which emphasizes a structured and goal oriented day of activities to include daily hygiene, habit training, family style meals, day programs, pre-vocational programs, work programs, active treatment, social interaction with staff and peers, and relaxation time.

If you’ve ever been frightened or concerned about what life will be like for your client or loved one once they become adults please contact the caring professionals at DCCI. We can help you get your arms around the enormous task of transitioning your loved one or client into a caring, compassionate and comprehensive residential healthcare setting.

Carl E. Rowe, Pharm. D., founded DCCI in 1990 and developed a comprehensive residential healthcare model that has served the needs of hundreds of developmentally disabled individuals. Dr. Rowe’s model emphasizes the delivery of top quality healthcare in a beautiful homelike environment customized to the unique needs and abilities of each client.

In addition to his work with the developmentally disabled, Dr. Rowe is a published author of several medical journal articles, a proven grant developer, former University of Southern California Professor of Pharmacology within the USC School of Medicine and the developer of successful drug usage studies and programs.